Welcome to MyChild at CerebralPalsy.Org. We hope to connect you with the information, resources, and inspiration you need and your child deserves. Through the years, MyChild has come to realize that those touched by cerebral palsy need to know so much about so many topics that it can become overwhelming.

We have developed the MyChild website, and the call center, so you can not only find the information you require, but have a way to organize a plan of care tailored to meet your specific needs. To learn more about us:

For Management
of Cerebral Palsy

If your child has already been diagnosed and you seek information on the many aspects of managing your child’s care, you may find it helpful to visit the popular topics section of our site. The information supplied under “Popular CP Topics” is designed to provide an array of subjects to assist you and your family, at your convenience. The information is organized under the following categories:

For Care Plan Guidance

Caring for a child with cerebral palsy can seem overwhelming at times. Every child’s situation is unique, but most will require special attention at home, in the doctor’s office, at school and out amongst friends in the community. It is not always easy to know what assistance is available, where to find it, how to fund it, and what difference it can make. MyChild is here to help.

We have created a MyChild Care Plan At-A-Glance. The MyChild Care Plan At-A-Glance is provided as a structure to help categorize and organize aspects of your life. The MyChild Care Plan At-A-Glance provides a structured outline to help you organize areas of your child’s daily life at home, at school, with government assistance, or at the doctor’s office. At any time, you can click on a specific topic within the Care Plan to be guided to a page within our website that contains further information on the topic.

The MyChild Care Plan At-A-Glance is not designed as a plan to master from top to bottom in one week, but rather a guide to assist when you come across a topic you would like more information on.

Care Plan Process At-A-Glance

To Help a Family in Need

MyChild receives many phone calls from government agencies, social workers, therapists, school administrators, employers, the media, and concerned family and friends seeking information to assist an individual with cerebral palsy.

For example, a school administrator may know of a family in need of housing modifications, or an employer may require information on making their office more accessible to an employee’s needs; a government agency may be looking for an additional resource for one of their clients.

These professionals have provided the services of their expertise to a family, but realize the family may be in need of additional assistance, outside their expertise.

MyChild is more than happy to be of assistance. We have websites, databases, libraries, call center representatives on call, and a network of contacts we can share on specific topics of interest. Our lists are growing thanks to those who help build our community of resources.

We are honored that so many individuals feel comfortable contacting us, sharing with us, and trusting in our services enough to refer our services to families in need. We thank you. If we can be of assistance to you, or for another touched by cerebral palsy, please do not hesitate to contact us directly or by referring our toll-free number:

To Connect with Others

MyChild features TheCPBlog, a forum for those touched by cerebral palsy to gather, share, learn and inspire.

For Diagnosis
of Cerebral Palsy

If you suspect your child may have cerebral palsy, but he or she has not yet been diagnosed, you may find it helpful to learn about cerebral palsy and the MyChild 12-Step Process for Diagnosis. Some children are diagnosed at birth, while others are diagnosed before the age of 3, after the brain is more fully developed. To learn more:

For Lifetime Benefits

Parents who would like to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the cause of their child’s cerebral palsy, and whether the child qualifies for Lifetime Benefits, call attorney Ken Stern, and his law firm, Stern Law Group, PLLC, today, at . Ken concentrates in medical malpractice, birth injury and cases of negligence.

Still unsure? Further information on helpful legal topics, include:

Regardless of whether parents decide to pursue litigation, a MyChild call center representative will always be available to assist you and your child with your non-legal questions.

The information, resources and inspiration provided by the MyChild call center, and through the non-legal resources accessible at the MyChild section of our website, are available to all touched by cerebral palsy, free-of-charge, regardless of evidence of medical malpractice or any intent to pursue litigation. We help everyone!

At MyChild, our ability to help find the resources a family needs and a child deserves is not dependent upon whether your child acquired cerebral palsy. MyChild seeks to help all individuals touched by cerebral palsy with non-legal information, resources and inspiration, regardless of whether a family chooses to pursue Lifetime Benefits through attorney Ken Stern and the Stern Law Group, PLLC.

We hope to hear from you soon.

For Customized Resource Guides

Most of the information on the MyChild website is of general interest and provides some familiarity with a specific topic of interest. However, the MyChild Call Center has a vast database of resources, experts, and inspiration within each state. The MyChild call center representatives are available to provide assistance in finding particular resources, not easily found on the web, or within the community.

The more our call center representatives know about the child’s condition and the family’s needs, the more they will be able to provide resources tailored specifically for the family. Call the MyChild call center representatives at today for more information.

To Offer Your Assistance

MyChild is often contacted by individuals who have something to offer those with cerebral palsy. Some are parents who have raised a child with cerebral palsy and want to lend insight by reaching out to our visitors. Others are professionals with a service, for example income tax preparation, and have tax tips that may prove valuable during tax season.

Researchers send published research findings that may be of interest, while government agents may want our visitors to be aware of an upcoming change in their benefit program.

There are many who contribute to our database of information, resources, experts and inspiration. All have something to valuable to offer our families with cerebral palsy and special needs. It is quite humbling.

If you believe you have something to offer our families, and want to tell us about it, either contact us directly at or through the inquiry links below: