From the moment a developmental milestone is missed to the moment of diagnosis, or during the many phases of managing a child’s care, questions arise. Resources are needed. Funding may be scarce. Support may be welcome.

During this time, a parent may find themselves asking questions that go unanswered, like

  • “What caused my child’s condition?”
  • “My child just received a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, now what?”
  • “How will my child’s condition change our family dynamics?”
  • “Who will care for my child when I’m gone?”
  • “What education options are available to my child?”
  • “How do I gain perspective?”
  • “What kind of care at home may be available?”
  • “My child requires a wheelchair, what options should I pursue?”
  • “What government programs are available?”
  • “Is there assistance for home modifications?”
  • “Are there summer program for children with special needs?”
  • “How do I organize my time and my records?”
  • “Where can I find support in my own community?”

It may help to know you are not alone. These questions are common.

Through the years, MyChild has collected a vast array of information, resources, and contacts to help those touched by cerebral palsy find answers to some of their most pressing questions. MyChild call center representatives are available at to assist during regular business hours. Or, via online contact form at your convenience.

The more we know about your child’s condition and your family’s situation, the more we are able to access our database for information and resources you may benefit from.

If you have a question, need support, or would like to pursue services and products that will allow you to better provide for your child, call MyChild today at for assistance.