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Most of the information on the MyChild website is of general interest and provides some familiarity with a specific topic of interest. However, the MyChild Call Center has a vast database of information, resources, referrals, and inspiration within each state and topic area.

MyChild call center representatives are available to provide assistance in finding particular resources, not easily found on the web, or within the community. The more our call center representatives know about your child’s condition and your family’s needs, the more we will are able to provide resources tailored specifically for your family.

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Available Kits

Are you awaiting a formal diagnosis to either rule out or confirm cerebral palsy?

These kits can help!

Kit No. 121 – Signs of Developmental Delay
Kit No. 131 – The Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Guide
Kit No. 142 – The Cerebral Palsy Risk Factor Checklist

Was your child recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy?

These kits can help!

Kit No. 200 – The Cerebral Palsy Starter Kit
Kit No. 201 – Getting Started with Government Benefits
Kit No. 210 – The Introduction to Cerebral Palsy Treatment
Kit No. 220 – Conditions Commonly Associated with Cerebral Palsy
Kit No. 230 – The Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Checklist

Are you in the beginning stages of managing your child’s cerebral palsy?

These kits can help!

Kit No. 300 – Community Support and Funding
Kit No. 305 – Disability Organization Resource Guide
Kit No. 310 – Children’s Health Insurance Plan, or CHIP
Kit No. 320 – Energy Assistance (LIHEAP and WAP)
Kit No. 321 – The Cerebral Palsy Care Plan Outlined
Kit No. 325 – Housing Assistance
Kit No. 327 – The Cerebral Palsy Treatment and Therapy Kit
Kit No. 330 – Medicaid Explained
Kit No. 331 – Medicaid Waivers
Kit No. 335 – Vehicle Modifications and Mobility Assistance Guide
Kit No. 340 – Medicare Explained
Kit No. 345 – The Health Insurance Information Kit
Kit No. 350 – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP
Kit No. 360 – Supplemental Security Income, or SSI
Kit No. 370 – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, TANF
Kit No. 380 – Women, Infant and Children (WIC)
Kit No. 381 – WIC Supplemental Nutrition Program, or WIC-SNP
Kit No. 390 – Special Education Guide
Kit No. 391 – School – Child Nutrition Program Guide, or SNP
Kit No. 394 – The Financial Planning Kit

Are you interested in maximizing your child’s potential?

These kits can help!

Kit No. 421 – Optimizing Life Expectancy Outcomes
Kit No. 422 – The Cerebral Palsy Care Plan – Detailed
Kit No. 431 – The Nutrition, Diet and Feeding Guide
Kit No. 440 – Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Kit No. 444 – Motion and Gait Analysis

Are you an adult with cerebral palsy?

These kits can help!
(More to come!)

Kit No. 610 – Aging with Cerebral Palsy
Kit No. 620 – Employment Resource Guide

Special interest kits

Kit No. 910 – Inclusive Playscapes
Kit No. 920 – Camps