Pools Will Soon Be Easily Accessible For Disabled Persons, But What Does This Mean For Pool Owners?

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to pack up the swimsuit and put on the parka. Swimming is a fun, healthy and relaxing activity to enjoy throughout the year. However, getting in and out of a pool can be a challenge, especially for someone with a disability.

Luckily, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will require pool owners by March of 2012 to make big changes to their pools in order to be more accessible for persons with disabilities. Many pools currently have inadequate assisted entry methods, if any, for disabled individuals, so most will be required to install an ADA compliant pool chair lift.

The following types of pools will be affected by these laws:

  • Title II (Public Industry) municipal pools, school pools, government owned pools, etc.
  • Title III (Private Industry) place of recreation, place of lodging, which addresses public accommodations.

There are quite a few exceptions to the types of affected pools, and to view the complete list, visit http://www.access-board.gov/ada-aba/ada-standards-doj.cfm#a1009

Also, there are many pool lifts already on the market, but not all are ADA compliant. The list also includes a checklist of requirements for pool lifts that will ensure your investment, or the lift you or a loved one will be using, is safe and ADA compliant.
So how many pools will be affected by this change? It’s hard to tell, because the ADA guidelines have previously only been recommended and non-enforceable. However, many pool owners have already happily complied with these guidelines. All in all, this is a great legal gain, and a wonderful opportunity for disabled individuals to enjoy the many benefits of pools.

About the author:
Brittany Sozak is a contributor to the Global Lift Corp website, a manufacturer of ADA compliant pool lifts. You can purchase their Proformance and Commercial series lifts from Swimtown Pools lift store.

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