I have a 9 yr old son that has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and cortical vision impairment. When he was diagnosed at 4 months we had no idea of all that this diagnosis entailed and how it would affect our lives.

Let me just say that it has been a different type of whirlwind. We have had our ups and downs with the ups winning. My son is totally dependent on us with all things like feeding, bathing, he is still in diapers, etc. He has started talking some which is wonderful.

Despite all this my son has made a positive impact on our lives. He has introduced my husband and me to a special world with wonderful people. Through my son I have met some of the most amazing children and adults that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.

We have experienced things and people that would have been lost to us otherwise. We have our moments of frustration like any other family but overall life is great. My son has opened my eyes in ways I never thought possible. I know he will probably always be with us and I will tell you that I look forward to a lifetime with him.

We all feel frustration, it is normal. In life there are all types of situations and ours is just a special one that adds adventure and hope and love. Our son is truly a blessing and will continue to enhance our lives.

Deana B.
Adairsville, GA

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