David Scarbrough, 12, from Susanville, CA, has cerebral palsy. When his doctor prescribed an in-home hydrotherapy tub to relieve chronic pain, joint inflammation and rigidity David’s mother Ronette wondered how she was going to afford the tub without sufficient financing or health insurance. To date, they surpassed many obstacles including birth complications that threatened both their lives when David was born prematurely at 27 weeks weighing only 18 ounces.

In an effort to provide the care her son requires, Ronette turned to the power of the internet. She posted her plea on a fundraising website in hopes of soliciting donations from family, friends and strangers by telling David’s story.

Upon hearing of David’s dilemma, Mike Duffer, owner of Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company, rushed to assist. Duffer donated their top-of-the-line GentleJet Therapy tub and unit installation at no cost, stating “the opportunity to relieve some of the extreme pain the family suffers was payment in itself.”

Due to this generous donation, David and his family are able to release body tension and soothe aching muscles and joints by enjoying the calming, refreshing escape that the GentleJet Therapy tub provides. The 16 air bubble streams and 10 water jets are strategically designed to provide a relaxing and methodical massage to the entire body, or specific areas of the body (i.e, legs, feet, back…). The walk-in feature is designed to avoid bathroom and lifting injuries. The tub also features chromotherapy, aromatherapy and personal hygiene (bidet). Other features that assist those with special needs include anti-slip floor, built-in and wall-mount grab bars, anti-scald technology, No-Strength locking handle, and bacteria- and mold-resistant sanitary gel-coat surfaces.

Kudos to Mike Duffer and Safe Step Walk-In Tubs! What a generous, thoughtful and kind donation. In honor of such thoughtful and generous acts, MyChild is announcing the MyChild Blue Ribbon Challenge urging others to come forward to share stories of those that greatly contribute to the quality-of-life of an individual with cerebral palsy.

For more information on Mr. Duffer and Safe Step, visit Safe Step Walk-In Tubs. To see before and after tub installation photographs, visit Safe Step Walk-In Tub Installation

To contact Mr. Duffer (to thank him for such a wonderful gesture) or Safe Step:

Mike Duffer
Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company
1650 Elm Hill Pike, Ste. 5
Nashville, TN 37210
1-800-NEW-TUB (1-800-639-8827)

About Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company: Safe Step tubs are manufactured and built in America, using American-made components. Their quality is backed with the best warranty in the business, including a lifetime warranty on the tub, the door seal and faucets. Servicing all of the US and parts of Canada, Safe Step Walk-In Tub is a family company, headquartered in Nashville, Tenn.

The MyChild Blue Ribbon Challenge: If you know of other generous donations or gestures which improve the quality-of-life of an individual with cerebral palsy, we would like to hear from you. Contact MyChild at or share your story at Share Your MyChild Blue Ribbon Story.

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