Home Care Option in North Carolina

October 28, 2011

HomeChoice Healthcare, North Carolina

HomeChoice Healthcare, with five offices in North Carolina, has a desire and dedication to share what services are available for our clients in need of assistance with activities of daily living or personal care services.

We recognize the need for individuals to maintain their independence and quality of life by remaining in their homes for as long as possible.

We work with both children and adults and many qualify for our services with no out-of-pocket expenses.

HomeChoice is committed to providing the highest level of quality care and customer service to the community for one basic reason…Because we care!

Our administrative staff collectively has over 75 years experience in the medical profession.

During the initial evaluation, a specialized plan of care is designed to meet client needs. We provide one-on-one assistance.

HomeCare Healthcare currently has five offices, covering 12 counties, in southeastern North Carolina – Dunn, Fuquay Varina, Southern Pines, Raleigh and Wake Forest

Visit us online:
HomeChoice Healthcare

HomeChoice Healthcare
715 North Main Street
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

For more information, contact Lyn Brandenburg, Home Care Coordinator (919)369-6896

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Dribble Bibble: Bibs for Drooling

October 21, 2011

Calling All Parents and Caretakers!

Do you find yourself changing an infant/toddler’s bib many times throughout the day? Are their clothes saturated from drooling – in need of constant change? Would you love only one bib a day without having to change outfits all day?

Imagine – One Bib All Day Long with Dribble Bibble!!!

This new multi-purpose bib has an amazing material that allows drool to be quickly absorbed into the fabric and dries within minutes. It not only helps with drool but with formula and milk, as well. The bib even reverses for solid food feeding. It includes a pocket to catch food causing less mess on the floor.

Dribble Bibble is Three Bibs in One!

Use Dribble Bibble for drool, for drinking, and for solid food intake.

Dribble Bibble is great for traveling. Caretakers have the freedom to relax. Less bodily contact with drool enhances skin health. It is the best investment a parent can make for their little one who drools.

Hi, My Name is Deborah Rothschild

My name is Deborah Rothschild, inventor of Dribble Bibble bibs. I’m a speech therapist who created this product out of pure necessity for my own son. Like many babies, my son constantly drooled during the teething stages. Like many parents, I was changing bibs all day long. His clothes were often drenched. I yearned for that perfect bib.

One day I was giving my son a bath and my outfit became wet from his splashes, but within minutes it dried. I recall thinking, “Wow, this material would make a great fabric for a bib.” That’s when I went searching online and in the New York garment district for answers.

I found the fabric, my mother made a prototype, and we tested it on my son. It was a success! I could finally leave one bib on all day and his clothing stayed dry.

Working in the field of speech language pathology, I quickly realized the benefits this bib would have for those caring for a child with special needs.

For more information on Dribble Bibble visit www.dribblebibble.com

Deborah Rothschild
DVR Enterprises
Web: http://dribblebibble.com/
Email: DribbleBibble@gmail.com

If you are an adult in need of drool or dribble control, contact Deborah Rothschild to discuss custom design solutions.

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The Vertical Pool – Aquatics At-Home

September 23, 2011

Water Therapy and Rehabilitation for Those with Special Needs

Hi, my name is Peter. I’m interested in spreading the virtues of an economically priced pool for those with special needs. The Vertical Pool can be therapeutic and great family fun. It is a recreational option the whole family can enjoy, individually or together. Relaxing, comforting, and at times energizing—all in at-home privacy (indoor or outdoor). The Vertical Pool is easily transported. The modular parts fit within standard doorways and assembles with engineering ease. A must see! Learn more at www.theverticalpool.com


Providing aquatic therapy pools at-home for those with special needs.

Product Benefits to those with Cerebral Palsy:

  • Eliminates transportation issues to public facilities.
  • Allows daily aquatics for those with mobility limitations.
  • The overhead bar and removable bow bar enable safe secure buoyancy, whether assisted from in or outside the pool. Mom and Dad don’t have to be in the water for hours where a child might prefer to be for play and exercise.
  • The Vertical Pool accommodates vertical, horizontal, and seated exercise, rehab, and traction privately and conveniently at home with family.
  • A variety of hardware options can be adapted for special needs.
  • Accommodates lifts (Hoyer and Smartlift) readily available on the market for access/egress from either side.
    Modular – pool can be carried easily into or through buildings and relocated upon move.
  • An item the whole family can enjoy.

Possible Uses:

  • Therapy sessions
  • Conditioning and Exercise
  • Water training
  • Weight loss exercises
  • Family fun and relaxation
  • Animal fitness
  • Post surgical core exercises
  • Relaxation and meditation


  • Treadmill option
  • Resistance tools and equipment
  • Insulated cover

Purchase Information:

Rent, lease or purchase, more information at The Vertical Pool

For further information and for product-in-use pictures, The Vertical Pool – Website
For contact information, The Vertical Pool – Contact Us

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