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Years later, a child’s life brings warm memories

A Mother’s tribute to her son

Although the majority of children with cerebral palsy will live long, healthy lives, for some – like Brian McDonald, 21 – life is unfairly shortened. Most would agree, parents shouldn’t lose their child so early. Laura McDonald, Brian’s mother, reaches out – in her own words – to other families who have recently lost their child. While doing so, Laura pays tribute to the son who so beautifully shared his bright light.

“Some may ask, what was the purpose to his life?” she wrote. “Why did he have to be so challenged? What value did he have?” To which she responds that the people that knew Brian, know the answer. “He was physically flawed, but spiritually flawless,” she said. “We took the time to experience his grace, and through all the trials and tribulations we know that we have been living in the presence of an angel.”

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