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Our Mission: To provide you with the most comprehensive resource and compassionate voice for all things related to caring for a child with cerebral palsy, and other neurological conditions. We strive, everyday, to be your ULTIMATE Resource for EVERYTHING Cerebral Palsy.

What We Do: We provide a comprehensive resource, including a website and call center that parents and caregivers of children with special needs can turn to for needed, non-legal help, information and resources. At our website, you’ll also discover a community blog where you can exchange information and be inspired. You can always receive the help you need and that your child deserves by calling our caring and compassionate MyChild™ call center at . See About MyChild. We’ve also created the MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation to fund research to eliminate cerebral palsy and to reduce its effects on children. MyChild, including the website,; its related Facebook page,; and the MyChild call center are owned, funded and supported by attorney Ken Stern and his law firm, Stern Law Group, PLLC.

Because lawyers are frequently required to assist families of children with special needs, Ken and his law firm, Stern Law Group, PLLC, and/or other lawyers with whom they may be affiliated, are able to legally represent you and your child. To learn more about legal services, see TheCPLawyer®.

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