Apple of Albert's Eye

The Apple of Albert’s Eye

Book uses apple allegory to teach lessons about disability

“The Apple of Albert’s Eye” tells the story of a not-quite-ripe piece of fruit that learns one of life’s most valuable lessons – that what’s on the outside is not as important as a person’s core.

Ballerina Dreams

Ballerina Dreams

Book highlights aspiring ballerinas

“Ballerina Dreams” chronicles the hope of five little girls that overcome the symptoms of cerebral palsy and other conditions to perform a ballet in Queens, New York.

Can I Play with Tommy

Mommy, Can I Play with Tommy?

A playground encounter inspires children to include others in childhood play

“Mommy, Can I Play with Tommy?” is a story about a playground experience that provides children a new perspective on how to include a child with cerebral palsy.

Nathan's Wish

Nathan’s Wish

A focus on abilities, not disabilities

By featuring a main character with cerebral palsy that is coming to terms with his condition, “Nathan’s Wish” uses a compelling plot to show children that everyone is cherished.

Romeo Riley

Romeo Riley

The Private Eye Series

Romeo Riley, the sleuth empowered by a wheelchair and electronic communication device, knows no limits when discovering trouble.

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