Sam Broughton

Sam Broughton

Australian instructor uses martial arts physicality, teachings to thrive

“Martial arts caused me to constantly re-evaluate where I am both mentally and physically…Once I understand how each limb makes the movement work I go about working out how to use the motor skills I do have to bring about the same end result.”

- Sam Broughton

Drew Dees

Drew Dees

For teen, shot putting puts a new spin on track and field events

“It’s something that I really enjoy, and one of my goals is to try to get exposure for this sport. It’s a great way for someone like me to get involved in sports.”

- Drew Dees

Dick Hoyt

Dick Hoyt

Race by race
a father’s love lifts son

“Everyone says a child changes your life. We knew that our son Rick was about to change our lives in ways we never could have predicted.”

- Richard “Dick” Hoyt, Sr.

Team Long Brothers

Conner and Cayden Long

Children’s athletics bring out brotherly love for Long siblings

“What I like best about it is that we’re together, and I don’t have to do it by myself. Without Cayden it wouldn’t be a team. I didn’t want Cayden left on the sidelines because it isn’t fair towards him.”

- Connor Long

James Gallion

James “Rooster” Gallion

Texan finds strength, confidence in the art of parkour

“Rooster’s got all of the qualities of a leader; he inspires kids to pursue athletics, and gives them confidence. He’s hard-working; he’s an optimist. When it comes to parkour, he drank the Kool Aid. He’s got a great spirit.”

- David Thompson, co-founder of the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation of Parkour, about James “Rooster” Gallion

Ben Jackson

Benjamin Jackson

Young wrestler conquers mat to pin down sport

“I’ve always been competitive, and I wanted to work at something, and perfect it… My first year competing, I didn’t win any matches. But once I really started working on my regimen, I came back the second year, and I won my first match. What sports taught me is that you can build your body, but it’s important to follow it by building your mind. They go hand in hand.”

- Benjamin Jackson

Linda Mastandrea Profile Pic

Linda Mastandrea

Wheelchair sports created confidence in Chicago athlete

“There are sports and adaptations for everyone, no matter what physical limitations you might have. Life is short. Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.”

- Linda Mastandrea

Ryan McGraw

Ryan McGraw

Man, 30, embraces yoga for fitness and therapy

“We don’t have to do the poses in the way that everyone else does as long as we find a way that works for us that gives us the same benefits.”

- Ryan McGraw

Jack Runser

Jack Runser

Bodybuilder powers his way through sport and life

“The biggest challenge is people telling me, ‘No, you can’t do that.’”

- Jack Runser

John Quinn

John Quinn

Cerebral palsy did not stop him from becoming a decorated US Navy Veteran

“I didn’t tell anyone about it because I knew that it meant I would never be able to serve. They wouldn’t have given me the opportunity to try. That’s as true today as it was when I first enlisted.”

- John Quinn

Jerry Traylor

Jerry Traylor

Athlete proves that success is a worthwhile climb

“I just wanted to be involved, test my limits, and see who I was.”

- Jerry Traylor

Marty Turcios

Marty Turcios

Golfer, founder of Therapeutic Golf Foundation

“Teaching a student how to GO golfing is more important than teaching a student how to golf.”

- Marty Turcios

Akheel Whitehead H&S

Akheel Whitehead

Paralympic hopeful sets high hopes for his future

“I owe my parents everything because without them always encouraging, I could never compete. They just never created the idea that I can’t do it. I am just a mirror that shows all of their efforts, and everything they’ve done.”

- Ahkeel Whitehead

Duncan Wyeth

Duncan Wyeth

Cyclist, paralympian uses sport to reach new heights

“When I was growing up, I believed that I could do the same things other people my age did. But I knew there would be times when I would have to do those things differently.”

- Duncan Wyeth

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