A Simple Act

The Story of the Parkers and Rudy Favard

‘A Simple Act’

When Rick Parker underwent heart surgery, he and his wife Patty faced a conundrum regarding how to transport Sam, their son with cerebral palsy, upstairs for bed. They found their answer in an unassuming and unforgettable local teenager.

Beyond Limits DVD

The Story of Bonner Paddock

‘Beyond Limits’

Bonner Paddock, a California businessman and philanthropist with cerebral palsy, isn’t of the opinion that any task is impossible, especially when a person has intense experiences encouraging them to act; namely the untimely death of his friend’s seven-year-old son who also had cerebral palsy. Those experiences – and the determination to help children with disabilities – led Bonner to organize a delegation of friends to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Beyond Limits is the story of Bonner’s climb.

Certain Proof DVD

A Question of Worth

‘Certain Proof’

For children with cerebral palsy, receiving a meaningful education in the public school system often depends upon having to prove to educators they are capable of learning. “Certain Proof: A Question of Worth” is a 60-minute documentary that tackles the topic in-depth by following the efforts of three children, Kayla, 12, Josh, 6, and Colin, 9, who are living with cerebral palsy. They and their parents fight to prove that they are able to handle the rigors of a mainstream class. The film asks a simple question most children typically are not asked to answer: How can a child provide proof of their worth in order to receive a public education?

Door to Door DVD

The Story of Bill Porter

‘Door to Door’

A 2002 television biopic documents the story of Bill Porter, an engaging door to door salesman with cerebral palsy that beat physical and emotional odds to reach the top of his profession. Porter works past barriers, both real and perceived. This movie tackles a story seldom discussed in Hollywood productions—how difficult it is for people with disability to obtain employment, even though they have the skills, personality and determination. This is a story of perseverance.

Gaby Brimmer

The Story of Gaby Brimmer

‘Gaby – A True Story’

A film based on the life of writer and disabilities advocate Gabriela Brimmer, “Gaby” is a multi-layered story that lays bare the affect that life, love, and the power of education and independence affects people with disabilities.

Samuel Habib

The Story of Samuel Habib

‘Including Samuel’

Photojournalist Dan Habib rarely thought about Inclusion, until his son was experiencing signs of disability. Now, with confirmed diagnosis, Dan thinks about inclusion most every day. Filmed over a four year period, Habbib provides a highly personal, but passionately filmed chronicle of the efforts his family made to include Samuel in everyday living. The documentary features four other individuals with disability, and provides interviews with teachers, peers, parents and disability rights experts.

Dan Keplinger

The Story of Daniel Keplinger

‘King Gimp’

Academy Award-winning documentary follows the daily life of Dan Keplinger from the ages of 12 to 25 years old, with a special nod to his search for acceptance and success as a sought-after artist. Keplinger, at the beginning of “King Gimp” is a self-conscious teen with severe cerebral palsy living with his single mother, Linda Ritter, in suburban Baltimore, Md. But at the end of the film, he’s a college-educated artist; working his magic on the canvas, and pondering the meaning of love.

Music Within

The Story of Richard Pimentel

‘Music Within’

Richard Pimentel was a gifted speaker and aspiring college student before he was rendered virtually deaf while serving in Vietnam. “Music Within” tells how he – with the help of a friend with cerebral palsy – came to advocate for the passage of the Americans with Disability Act, and against discriminatory hiring practices for individuals with a disability./strong>

My Left Foot

The Story of Christy Brown

‘My Left Foot’

Born to a near-destitute family in working-class Dublin in the 20th Century, Christy Brown relied on a supportive mother and an initially-dismissive father. Having severe cerebral palsy and being nonverbal he quickly discovered that one part of his body functioned properly enough to craft legendary books that would later garner a worldwide following.

Shooting Beauty

The Pictures of Many

‘Shooting Beauty’

“Shooting Beauty” follows how art can help people with disabilities make statements about their lives, and brings the hopes, dreams and complexities of several budding photographers into sharp focus.

War Eagle Arkansas

The Story of Tim Ballany and Vincent Insalaco III

‘War Eagle, Arkansas’

Based on the true story of two young men growing up in a small Arkansas town, “War Eagle, Arkansas” weaves a tale of the intense bond of friendship, the pain of separation, the conflict of adulthood, and the role of disability.

Parenting with CP

The Story of Adele and Laurence Clark

‘We Won’t Drop the Baby’

British couple Adele and Laurence Clark prove that having cerebral palsy – and other disabilities – need not be a barrier to becoming involved, active parents. “Some are about the opinion that we shouldn’t have kids, but what can you do about that? We’ve chosen to have a family and we manage just fine,” said Adele Clark. “A lot of people don’t get what they need from their parents – a lot of love and attention. Our boys will always get that. Is our impairment an issue?”

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